Utilizing Uptown as a living laboratory to foster innovation, Envision Charlotte is developing first-of-their kind programs in energy, water, waste and air to conserve resources and reduce operating costs.

Charlotte Hosts the Carolinas’ First Smart Cities Council Meeting
Throughout March 23rd -24th, Envision Charlotte and the City of Charlotte hosted the Smart Cities Council, a global initiative focused on innovative technologies that are making cities smarter and improving their livability, workability and sustainability.


Read more about the Smart Cities Council Meeting here:


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Smart City Luncheon
Envision Charlotte, in partnership with the City, County, UNCC, and area businesses, hosted business leaders, elected officials, public sector employees, university officials and sector experts, to learn what a smart city is and about Charlotte’s efforts to become The Smartest City … creating economic development opportunities, building a more sustainable and resilient city, and bringing outside investments to Charlotte.


Over 300 individuals attended the event, creating an overflow of attendees.The luncheon highlighted a panel of local and industry leaders, including:

  • Dan Clodfelter – Mayor of Charlotte
  • Philip Mezey – CEO Itron
  • Lloyd Yates – EVP of Market Solutions and President of Duke Energy Carolinas
  • Jesse Berst – Chairman Smart Cities Council


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It is easy to become a Champion; simply click on the links you will find throughout this section and we will schedule a brief training session right in your workplace for you and other interested teammates. We will show you fun ways you can get started in your company reducing energy, conserving water, reducing office waste and improving Charlotte’s air quality.

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