Energy Program

Helping Charlotte become the most measurably sustainable community in the nation, Envision Charlotte also promises exciting economic benefits to all in our urban core. Attracting cost-conscious, green-minded companies to Uptown, this initiative will position Charlotte as a highly progressive business center.

The key components of the program are reducing energy use and costs – areas in which Duke Energy offers its expertise. The goal is ambitious: to reduce energy use in Uptown Charlotte by 20% in five years.


Through emerging technologies, you’ll be able to see your building’s energy usage as never before in near-real time. What’s more, the Uptown community will be able to see data about its collective energy usage via digital displays throughout the center city. With broader energy consumption awareness, all will be empowered to make better personal energy saving decisions, which will collectively add up towards the 20% reduction goal for the community.

In addition, access to this type of information will help you make decisions that will further optimize your building’s performance and promote your existing sustainability efforts, ultimately making your property more attractive to tenants. Your building’s information will be confidential; we will only display community usage information to spur collective energy saving action.

All who own or manage buildings or are employers within the I-277 loop will want to be a part of Envision Charlotte, which is a win-win for all concerned. With this initiative, you’ll leverage technology to motivate tenants to make energy-saving choices, and you’ll be poised to make the most astute decisions about your overall energy use. You’ll also be essential to the program’s success – we cannot reach our goal without your participation.

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